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Spain is renowned  for celebrating Spanish Festivals & Fiestas where all the family attend.  During your holiday in Andalucia why not join the locals and spend a day participating in their local culture.  

During Easter week, Semana Santa brings the townspeople together. The celebration allows willing townspeople to create a theatrical production of important stories taken from the Bible. After the plays, the town unites for a huge picnic in Valdearenas.

Other festivals include April 25th where San Marcos is honoured by the inhabitants by a communal picnic that is held in the countryside near the town.  

Easter in Iznajar
Iznajar in Feria

In February, the villagers light two towering bonfires during the Celebration of the Candlemas. With the lighting of the bonfires, baskets of homemade twisted rolls are blessed and given to the crowds.  The Lake Iznajar annual September feria usually takes place from September 7-10.  The town's fair or 'feria' includes parades, games, musical presentations, and plenty of food. The fair is held in honor of the Virgin of Mercy and the Virgin Old.    The Small Fair of Iznájar celebrates a positive year in cattle farming. Cattle seem to have taken the backstage, while lavish dancing performances are the fair's most popular attraction.  If you enjoy music and singing, you should witness the locals perform the Songs of Aurora. In mid-August through early September, townspeople gather at dawn at the Hermitage of the Old One and then stroll through the town singing religious songs.

 Events local to Iznajar

Here you will find a list of forthcoming Spanish festivals and Spanish fiestas in and around Iznajar:


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