Wash out !!

Well what a disappointment ! This years Rute Carnival has been marred by poor weather.As with all events of this nature bad weather, particularly poor visibility and rain drains the color from it.To think this is virtually the only prolonged period of rain we have had in nine months! Never mind,we can only hope that Saturday,the day of the main procession provides a little respite from it but on a positive note the rain is providing a much needed replenishment for Lake Iznajar whose water levels have been extremely low…every cloud and all that !!

This week has been another interesting one reinforcing to us that no two days are the same here.Earlier in the week a female Podenco was found at the side of the lake having given birth to six pups.Sadly three of them died so there are three left.She was very scared and malnourished and had a diseased eye so she and her pups were brought to the vets in Rute where they operated and removed the eye.We were then contacted to see if we could give her and her pups a few days close and intensive care which were only too glad to offer.Having spoken to Iznajar locals they say that she has been running wild in the area for upwards of three years but nobody was able to catch her (Podencos are very fleet of foot),we think possibly another casualty of hunters attitudes to their dogs if they are found not fit for purpose,sadly a bit of a problem here.You do however get the feeling attitudes are changing.There is a very good dog refuge and re-homing project here staffed by many dedicated volunteers and in two weeks time we have been asked to go and give a presentation at a school in Cordoba about dog ownership and the work we do.Hopefully real change can be brought about by educating the next generation.At the moment she is sitting in her basket in our front room feeding her pups.Later today we take them to more permanent stable accommodation until homes can be found for them but they are all doing well.

Maintenance and the readying of our properties continues apace.I had a lovely moment this week when I was working alone in the campo and all you could hear was the birdsong and the sound of the motors whirring of the olive shakers from all directions over the landscape.Olive season is in full swing harvesting the yield for some of the worlds finest olive oil.At two o’clock sharp the engines stopped and all went quiet,no doubt the moment when all the workers went off for their lunch or a siesta,you could almost set your clock by it.

So it’s fingers crossed for Saturday and a break in the weather and hopefully a colorful and vibrant carnival procession,will be a shame if it doesn’t go ahead this year but the forecast is not looking too good.The rain is mostly welcomed here but it’s timing is sometimes poor but hopefully i’ll have something to tell you all about…Another busy and interesting time  coming up next week so watch this space.

Adios x


Just a quick one…small typo in the first paragraph…it goes quiet for us between October and February not between October and September…can’t have you all thinking we do nothing !!



Just a quick one…small typo in the first paragraph…it goes quiet for us between October and February not between October and September…can’t have you all thinking we do nothing !!

Just a quick one…small typo in the first paragraph…it goes quiet for us between October and February not between October and September…can’t have you all thinking we do nothing !!

Well the new season is almost upon us and now we begin to get busy making sure all our properties are ready to receive guests the first of whom arrive at the end of March.It goes quiet for us on our rental properties between October and September except from regular house checks and maintenance as it crops up although we also look after houses and gardens that are not in our rental portfolio and we operate a small man with a van business for removals and courier services.

This has been an eventful week,we have been painting and weather proofing doors and windows and gardening at Juncares,a lovely property with approximately an acre of gardens about 4 miles outside of Iznajar in the campo.Sean and Amanda established the garden there about 9 years ago and what a beautiful garden it is with orange,lemon,quince,apple and palm trees as well as a variety of herbs,flowers and and no shortage of lavender.We noticed the other day much to our surprise that the Jasminum Poyanthum is already coming into flower ! It doesn’t usually put in an appearance until May,a measure of how mild our winter has been this year. Although we do not or have not rented this lovely property before we are hoping to add it to our rental portfolio next year.It sleeps 8 and is very family friendly and orientated so watch this space.

It was also the end of another chapter for us this week with the sad departure of a dog we had been socialising from the local dog refuge in Rute where we live in order to ease him into a new chapter of his own life at his forever home in Godalming Surrey.He really was a lovely character,a labrador cross called Anton and it was so difficult to believe he had been languishing in the refuge for 18mths.He was the second dog we have socialised since November when I was followed up the street by a pure bred labrador puppy Eduardo who has now been adopted by a family in Sotogrande near to Gibraltar on the coast.Unfortunately we cannot take any more dogs now until after the season has ended as we will be flat out with the properties and making sure that everyone is happy,holidaymakers and customers alike.Some of our days can be 18 hours long !!

The purpose of this blog is not only about work though,more importantly it is about imparting information from a non native perspective about this wonderful part of the world that is Andalucia,particularly the interior where the majority of holidaymakers are less inclined to choose as their destination.We love it here,we find the people very warm,the culture rich and the landscapes breathtaking.I’ll be talking about cultural events,places of interest and experiences as they pop up.First of this coming week is Rute carnival, a week long and always themed,(this years theme is cupid)and thousands make their way here from all over the region and indeed the country.It all kicks off tomorrow and should be quite a week.I’ll be blogging on it throughout and taking some very funny photos hopefully.A few years ago one of our Spanish friends went dressed up as a dung beetle so you get the picture of how daft it can get.The Andalucians do indeed have a fantastic sense of humor !!

Anyway,that’s me,i’m off to get busy costume making but you’ll hear from me again in the next couple of days.Chow for now x

<p>Easter in Iznajar</p>

Easter in Iznajar