Iznajar History... 

Iznajar Castle


Iznajar village was originally a prehistoric Iberian settlement, but flourished in the eighth century when is was settled by Arabs.  In 711AD Tariq ibn Zayid built a castle and called it 'Hins Ashar'  which has given the town its modern name.   In 1431, in the reign of Catholic monarch Juan II, it was taken back by the Christian rulers, some sixty years before Granada was to fall in 1492.  The town gained brief notoriety in 1861 when the town supported an uprising against the monarchy, led by Rafael Perez del Alamo, with grimly predictable consequences.

The ruined Moorish castle can still be seen, as can parts of the old fortified town wall and the 15th century church of Santiago. 

Iznajar's historic town centre

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